Food and Nutrition –The importance of mother milk for preterm and very low birth weight infants

Because the sake of urbanization,many mother soon to go back to work after production, causing baby lack of breastfeeding. Research shows that breastfeeding baby will be more healthy .Especially for preterm and very low birth weight infants. Scientific research publishing <Food and Nutrition Sciences> analysis this phenomenon:

Breastfeeding and human milk are the normative standards for feeding and nutrition of both term and pre-term infants. Fresh mother’s own milk is recognized as the optimal choice for feeding all newborns, including preterm and very low birth weight infants. Evidence documents short and long-term metabolic, immunologic and neurodevelopmental advantages of breastfeeding when compared to formula. Moreover, benefits of breastfeeding on psychological and relational aspects have to be considered. Currently, human milk supplementation is usually performed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of preterm infants. When mother’s milk is unavailable or in short supply, donor milk represents the best alternative, although some nutritional elements are inactivated by the necessary pasteurization process. Aim of this review is to briefly summarize the main biological and nutritional factors that contribute to the beneficial effects of human milk feeding for preterm infants.

Hope that all mother seeing this research can do their best to breastfeeding your baby, I wish you happiness and healthy growth of your baby!

(source: Scientific research publishing )

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