Physics & Mathematics- Bacterial and industrial engineers


Connecting bacterial with businesses is a new idea.Ichiro Matsumura ,Emory University ,proposes businesses research and biological systems research may learn from each other.The following is the abstract of his research:

Bacteria, like industrial engineers, must manage processes that convert low value inputs into high value outputs. Bacteria are not intelligent, so they utilize self-organizing production systems to accelerate life-sustaining chemical processes. Here I explore two questions. First, can businesses apply the principles of self-organization? Second, can operations researchers contribute to our understanding of biological systems? I explain biochemical concepts in plain terms, illustrated with a few informative laboratory evolution experiments, and describe the organizing principles that underlie complex biological systems. I describe the new disciplines of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, which offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration between life scientists and operations researchers.

(origin: scientific research publishing )

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